D-ILA 20th Anniversary Limited model “DLA-20LTD”


A limited production model created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of JVC’s "D-ILA" device. It adopts Red as the main body color. Red is the corporate color of the JVC brand, and it expresses the passion (enthusiasm) to further development of the future D-ILA projector. Red color is also aimed to suite High-end Home Theatre rooms where Red is used to create Luxury atmosphere.


DLA-20LTD JVC 20th Anniversary Limited Editition Projector


DLA-20LTD Special Features

1. Limited production Worldwide.


2. Realise the highest native contrast ratio 200,000:1
By hand selecting the top performing "D-ILA" devices and optical parts, we achieved the industry's highest native contrast ratio of 200,000:1.


3. Special Exterior
Special Luxury "JVC Red" color finish, with 20th Anniversary print on the top panel.


4. 20th Anniversary Special Opening Logo
The 20th anniversary logo will be displayed when the projector is started up.
For Further details of how to purchase please wait for announcement from JVC



For further information, please contact Marketing Department.



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