Quadral Aurum Vulkan 9


The more calmly you dedicate yourself to a task, the more authentic and accurate the result. The new AURUM VULKAN is capable of sheer inexhaustible reserves of power and also finesse, which is why it renders naturally and with ease at the highest levels. As a result, it takes you on a musical journey, one that’s shaped by power and sovereignty. Crystal clear highs bewitch, while rich and dry basses make music a totally perceptible experience. Its neutral tuning keeps the VULKAN close to the original too.

Like the big TITAN, the VULKAN also utilizes a high / midrange area of D‘appolito-arrangement. The rendered frequency range melts in to harmonic unity, powerfully supported by a pressure chamber with two 235 mm quadral ALTIMA®-drivers.

AURUM VULKAN 9 is outstanding, and a perfect pairing for exquisite stereo pleasure but also a rampant delight for “level-orgies” in your home cinema.

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